Derbyshire Special School

WashCo Laundry Equipment Supplied to Derbyshire Special School

The Pegasus School in Caldwell, Derbyshire, run by the Senad Group, is an independent residential school for young people ages eight to 19 years with severe learning disabilities, autism and associated challenging behaviour.  The school is part of the SENAD Group of specialist schools, adult care homes and community based support services.

The main laundry facilities handle the young people’s personal clothing, bedding and towels and operate seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.  The main laundry also handles all the medical/control wash needs for the school.   In the autumn of 2015 the school purchased two new 11kg Primus washers, supplied by WashCo Commercial Laundry Systems and installed by WashCo dealer, Claridge Electricals.

Stefan McCran who is responsible for catering and housekeeping in the SENAD  schools, told us he has had a good relationship with WashCo for some time, with equipment being supplied to several of the SENAD schools and homes, including an 11kg Amazon washer supplied to Aran Hall School in Gwynedd.  “The range of equipment is good and the machines are very reliable,” he said.  “Most of the laundry is done by the housekeeping staff in the schools who are given training in the different programmes, control and medical washes.  At Bladon House  we also have smaller laundry rooms located in the homes for the young people to learn new ‘life skills’ such as how to do their owns washing.”

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