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WashCo Laundry Equipment Keeps up with Demand for Clean Workwear on Christmas Turkey Farm

Walters Turkeys, situated in beautiful countryside on the Berkshire Downs, has been producing top quality free range and organic turkeys for the Christmas market since 1971.  It is a friendly, family run business which now produces some 12,000 turkeys every year, all of which are dry plucked and hand finished on the farm.

The five weeks before Christmas when all the turkeys are processed is, unsurprisingly, frantically busy for all the 45 staff working on the farm and there is a continuous need for clean overalls.  In the past they managed with domestic laundry equipment, but as the business grew they needed quicker, more robust machines to ensure the laundry kept up with demand.  So just over two years ago WashCo Commercial Laundry Systems supplied and installed a Horizon stacked washer/dryer unit.  According to Kate Walters the machines have been a great success.  “We have been very pleased with them,” she told us.  “They are in constant use throughout the busy five weeks leading up to Christmas, the cycles are thorough and quick and keep up with the demand for clean overalls.  The rest of the year they are still used for staff workwear, but the demand isn’t anywhere near as high.”

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