Drax Power Station

WashCo equipment keeps personal protection equipment clean for workers at Drax Power Station

East Midland Instruments Ltd operate a large contract within the famous Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire.  The number of EMI operatives working within the power station varies from 50 to 150 between off peak and peak periods.  Health & Safety is a very important issue, and EMI have their own health & safety advisor on site – Chris Milner.  Everyone working on the site has to be supplied with fire retardant overalls, and these have to be kept clean.

Last year EMI replaced their very old, tired laundry equipment with new machines from WashCo Commercial Laundry Equipment.  WashCo supplied a Huebsch YWN washer with a 92 litre drum and a Huebsch YDE tumble dryer.  The laundry is operated by the stores staff who are responsible for the personal protection equipment.

Chris Milner told us, “The new machines are working extremely well and have already seen us through an exceptionally busy peak period.  With 150 operatives on site, that means that 150 sets of fire retardant overalls have to be washed at least three times a week – regulations demand that personal protection equipment must be kept clean. So the machines have really been put under pressure and the results have been excellent.”

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