PhD Students launderette

Laundries Equiped by WashCo Make Life Easier for West London PhD Students

Vellacott House, owned by the Ducane Housing Association in West London, houses 40 mainly post graduate students from Imperial College and other London universities in en suite studio accommodation.  The individual flats do not have washing machines, so about 18 months ago the Association decided to install small laundries on two floors, taking over the space of some unused bathrooms.

WashCo Commercial Laundry Systems were approached and supplied two Speed Queen Horizon 9.5kg washers and two matching dryers and one of each machine was installed in each of the two laundries.  The machines are token operated and the students buy their tokens from the main reception of the block.  According to Anne Barrett, who is the senior house officer for the block, the laundries are greatly appreciated by the residents.  “It makes laundry so much easier for them – not having to trek to the nearest launderette or hand wash and have damp washing hanging around the flats,” she told us.  “The machines are excellent, we’re very pleased with the whole set-up.”

These machines had just been introduced when this installation took place.  The washer has a 20% bigger than the previous model, but with no extra utility consumption.  This is because a 1200rpm spin on final extract produces 440G to remove more water which consequently shortens drying times and dryer energy inputs.

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