Bournbrook Manor Residential Home
Care Sector

Birmingham Residential Home Laundry Equipped on the WashCo Fixed Price Hire Agreement

Bournbrook Manor Residential Home in Selly Park, Birmingham is housed in a beautiful Queen Anne ivy clad house with attractive gardens and prides itself on the friendly, family atmosphere it creates for its 21 residents.  It is registered to care for the elderly, including those with dementia, and nearly all of its 21 rooms have en suite facilities.

The small laundry, equipped on a fixed price hire arrangement by WashCo Commercial  Laundry systems, is fitted with a Primus washer and a Huebsch dryer.  It handles everything from the home including all bedding, towels, kitchen  and dining room items and the personal clothing of all the residents.  Vanessa Erskine, manager of the home, told us that it is in operation pretty much all day every day.  “There’s always something that needs washing,” she said, “and we make sure that all the care staff who operate the equipment are trained in the correct programmes to use including those that deal with soiled and contaminated items.”

The fixed price hire programme covers all maintenance and repair issues including parts and labour throughout the length of the agreement, and allows care homes to install a fully compliant laundry without the capital outlay and makes budgeting easier – there are no nasty surprises if a machine needs repairing.  Vanessa said, “It’s always good to know that if anything does go wrong then someone will come out to fix the problem very quickly.”

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