How integrating technology into your laundry service can improve your customers’ experience.

With the huge growth of technology over the last few years, the integration between domestic appliances and the Internet of Things has taken place. The Internet of Things now enables businesses to connect assets in new ways, giving them real-time visibility to keep them ahead of their competitors and enhance customer services. This new way of working appliances has now made commercial machines easier for launderettes, hotels and care homes to use.

With the use of Vodafones Internet of Things technology Washco have created our own appliance called ‘WashConnect’, an appliance which is tailored to your own organisation’s exact needs with specific programming to make it as easy as possible for you or your customers to use. WashConnect is the most informed and informative service provider in the industry.

Monitoring and Maintenance

As our WashConnect appliances are always connected to the internet, this allows us to monitor your machines 24/7. Together, our specialist experts and our network of engineers work collectively to provide you with the best possible service by sending an engineer (if needed) to your appliance to resolve any issues that our monitoring service has picked up. With real insights into every process and any fault that occurs, our engineers are better equipped to help resolve the issue quickly. As potential faults and warnings are noticed by our experts and engineers first, we can attend the site sooner and resolve the issue a lot quicker, meaning the time your appliance will be down is dramatically reduced.


Not only are faults monitored on your device, we also monitor the level of chemicals within your machines and if needed we can dispatch new chemicals to your organisation, even before you notice them running low which can help you save time and money. Before the integration of IoT nobody knew what was happening inside of the machines, unless they had an engineer out but now with this service our engineers are now able to see remotely what is happening with your appliance and when they attend they know exactly where the fault lies and can resolve the issue the first time. Quickly and efficiently.

Simple To Use

As we have installed a touch screen control panel on the front of the appliances with pre-installed programmes as this allows the easier use for both employees and customers. With the simple touch screen, employees and customers can now select their appropriate programme for their need and the washing machine will do the rest. As and when your organisations need changes, then a simple programme alteration can be applied remotely with just a few simple clicks, providing you and your customer with a fast and reliable service thanks to the use of IoT.


Unlike standard washing and drying appliances, the WashConnect can create real time reports on every process that the appliance takes, for example, temperature validation – so you can ensure that you are meeting the infection control requirements. The data provided from the reports can help you understand the performance of your machines, you can see what is undertaken and when it happens, allowing you to plan and adapt your service to suit your business.

To learn how WashConnect can help improve your customers experience when it comes to laundry while saving you money at the same time then get in touch with one of our team to discuss call 08000 546 546, email or visit our contact us page