Tips For Best Ironing Results

The best cotton and linen tablecloths are usually designed to be starched to produce a firm, high-sheen product that will enhance the appearance of the linen in the best restaurants. Paying attention to the details that follow will help produce a perfect result every time.

Tips For Best Ironing Results

  • Adequate rinses to flush wash chemicals to drain avoid yellowing.

Commercial Washing Machine

  • Correct starching stage at end of wash: low dip, 50°C, adequate time (e.g. five minutes agitation at temperature)

Tips For Best Ironing Results

  • Correct extraction to build starch into cloth

Commercial Laundry Machines

  • Pre conditioning in tumble drier to reduce moisture whilst leaving starch in place

Tumble Dryer

  • Presentation of taut leading edge to ironer followed by application of even tension to trailing edge
  • Adequate ironer bed temperature to ‘pop the gluten’ in the starch to produce a firm fabric with sheen on the right side



Best Ironing Results

  • Lapel rolled into front
  • No embossing of pocket flap
  • Elliptical sleeves correctly set
  • Shoulder curve crease free
Best Ironing Results